What Clients Say

“Working with Myron allows you to develop musical qualities and strengths you never knew you possessed”

Alexander Ingels – Songwriter | Entrepreneur | DJ specialist – Stockholm Sweden


“Myron’s advice and guidance has helped me see that my dreams can be achieved through hard work and attention to details that I would have never seen on my own. He has helped me hone every aspect of my career (performance, business sense, image, stage presence, writing, etc.). I used to work exclusively on cruise ships. Since we started, Myron has helped guide me to take myself from being a struggling singer-songwriter/cruise ship performer, to a working, professional musician, doing my own shows almost every night of the week. I’ve been watching my career bloom right in front of my eyes. All I’ve done is apply my work ethic to his guidance. And all of this happened within five months.”

Michael De Lara – Singer Songwriter | Actor – Los Angeles


“I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to know, listen to, watch, and learn from Myron. His creative vision , experience, knowledge of and deep passion for the performing arts are unparalleled.  If you are serious about a career as a professional entertainer, and are willing to dedicate yourself to it, then Myron can definitely assist and guide you along the road to success.  He “gets” it, and can help you perfect your craft and to set your goals even higher.”

Rob “Fonksta” Bacon – Producer | Songwriter | Guitarist – Los Angeles


“I had been working an eight-hour a day job, writing music for a production music library, and writing music for my own hopes, to follow up after a failed CD/DVD release. Over the next two years, Myron provided loads of valuable information through hands-on experience, first-hand knowledge of the music industry in the genre of my music (Smooth/Groove Jazz), and a keen sense of direction for a recording artist/songwriter as myself. Each time I’ve acted on directions and advice Myron gave, I witnessed immediate results and I continue to see results right now.

My career path in the music business is steadily advancing forward, and activity is increasing rapidly. Myron’s advice has always been simple, but to the point – follow the advice, put in the time and effort, and the results will come. Maybe not as fast as you might expect, but with patience and perseverance, results will come. I am extremely glad that I met Myron, and I will highly recommend him to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the music industry.”

Vel Lewis – Hammond Organist | Producer | Recording Artiste – Houston Texas