Self Marketing and Consulting


I offer strategic consulting and advisory services to the UN-discovered, developing and established artiste.

I am a Music Career Advisor who develops, and guides the new singer songwriter and the established musician with a step by step plan of action for strategic development and navigational techniques to fulfill your creative aspirations.

I will help you to discover that having a long-term vision and progressing with step by step increments is a blueprint that works, if you apply the techniques and believe in YOUR ability to succeed with them, in due time and with patience.

I offer a customized, strategic advisory service that will get results for every individual artiste and music creative. My main objective is to make sure you have what you need to navigate your dreams and aspirations into a successful career.

For those who can’t afford to retain me on an ongoing monthly basis for new release project development or consultation packages, I offer more (DIY) Do-It-Yourself solutions: Self-marketing techniques, Personalized Consulting and e-Courses.

I provide hourly and quarterly consultations and self-marketing plan blueprints.

How it Works:

After any consultation session or navigational marketing plan is ordered and secured, I send out a detailed questionnaire so I can get as much background on you as possible.
(Questionnaire delivers within 24 hrs of your order)

I review your responses and thoroughly research your current online presence, music and brand. You and I connect and discuss by phone or via skype to go over your needs and direction. I provide you with a plan of action and personalized blueprint to begin to move forward with your music-related goals.

What does a Consulting Session or Navigational Marketing plan's usually cover? 

The services that I provide cover a wide range of solutions that are based on your individual needs. From self-motivational and marketing solutions to revenue generating options. Each Modern Artiste has specific needs and guidance requests that are needed to advance successfully towards their dreams and goals.

The Consulting Sessions typically consists of providing you with guidance to help you solve the problems that arise when you are growing your business. Area’s where you need to discover and understand how to navigate within the industry.

I carefully consider the current state of your career and advise you on how to achieve growth with the resources you currently have at your disposal using a step by step method. I advise you on how to approach the many gatekeepers you will encounter along the way.

The Navigational Marketing Plans (NMP) are in-depth road maps that help you diagnosis your existing business/path and provide instructions on growing your personal image/brand and business.

NMP Plans usually take 1-2 weeks to generate,(depending on your status) as they are fully customized based on your specific needs and goals and not generated from a template. Please Contact Me for more information and longer term consultation rates and options.

I Want You To Succeed.

There is something special when you have a dream and that dream comes true.

My Story: Short version – now keep up!!

I know dreams come true first hand, after starting out as a drummer in Detroit, started to sing, began to write lyrics, started doing sessions, playing gigs, picked up some piano to further my writing abilities, studied the great’s, learned to write, did more gig’s, left Detroit, moved to LA, ended up getting a publishing deal, prepared my solo career journey, secured a little investment capital, acquired producers, I got a label deal, got caught in the politics of the day, ended up on the label shelf, waited, waited, re-grouped, worked for major labels and recording studios, picked up the drums again, did a few gigs, stayed organized, continued to network, I got a phone call from a musician for help, created a unique niche, began to manage touring musicians, who became music directors to Major superstars, I contracted and sub-contracted the talent for the tours, I traveled the world, a few times over and still traveling. Now that’s a mouth-full. Get in touch to follow your passion today!

Now I'm sharing my experiences to help you realize that YOU can DO IT TO!
But you have to believe and you really can't do it alone. I didn't!

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