Promote Yourself First

Promoting Yourself… First… Then Your Music. |

The day’s of getting signed or being picked up by an A list management company or one of the top 3 booking agency is Rare. Quite Rare!

Since I began living between Scandinavian and America I’ve seen the difference in the music business model’s and the mentality mind-set skills of the talent within the culture. Now if you are able to acquire a committed label to sign you or solid representation it’s because there was some Hustle on your part to make it come true.


It’s time to understand that you have to do a large portion and majority of the work now… You can’t always wait around for things to happen. This is if you want it bad enough!

Becoming an entrepreneurial artiste and knowing that you and your music ARE the business and you have to play your role of self management. You have to book your own shows, you have to market and promote yourself and your music, you have to play all of those roles now, to some degree, because there are not many well rounded representatives that will do this for you at stage 1 or even stage 5 or your journey, as I mentioned, it’s rare…

Yet keep in mind that you could use some consulting or coaching to help navigate along that way. Don’t fool yourself thinking that you do not. YOU DO!

This does not mean that the possibility of getting some type of deal is not there for you, it’s just making sure that you are aware that you should not be waiting.

I am sharing this knowledge because I want to help in some way to encourage and enlighten singer songwriters to explore the business that you are in and discover how to do YOU. Also for you to learn and understand how things really are today. The reality!

  • You can’t book a show and expect people to just come.
  • You have to promote and have a strategy to make it happen.
  • You really can’t release a record and expect people to buy it!!!
  • You can’t expect to get an agent when you only have 50 people at your shows.

There is a way to do things and most of the time you will need to do them on your own or with mentoring and consultation assistance. The most successful musicians and singer songwriters I see are the ones’ that have figured it out. Also have discovered how to hustle their behinds off doing so, while learning the process…

My passion is to truly encourage musicians to be independent as they need to be and I am always around when you need the advise or assistance to better yourself.


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